Johan Fredriksson // Stockholm, Sweden


Offline O'Clock by If Insurance


If Insurance sponsors social media profiles NOT to post anything after 10 PM — better sleep prevents accidents and improves health.


Sleep deprivation leads to poorer health and more accidents. Unfortunately we sleep less than ever and one of the reasons is the usage of digital devices before going to sleep where social media is the main draw. Research show that the light emitted from our screens prevent the production of our bodies own sleep hormone melatonin, which tricks the brain into thinking its daytime. Today 61% of the population in Sweden use their mobile phone or tablet before going to sleep and many have developed an addiction. In order to help people go offline earlier and sleep better, If Insurance has initiated a collaboration with some of the biggest social media profiles in Scandinavia, asking them to go offline at 10 PM and encourage their followers to do the same.


My part: Campaign designer, including creating graphics for movie titles, animating infographics and all digital ads and social media posts.

"33% have problems sleeping."

"61% use their phone or tablet before going to sleep."

"Now it's #offlineoclock"

"20% of all accidents can be connected with sleepiness."

"Go offline at 10 pm – sleep better!"

"Less than 6 hours of sleep per night increases the possibility of pre mature death by 12%."