Johan Fredriksson // Stockholm, Sweden


Slow Down GPS by If Insurance


In an effort to get drivers to slow down where it matters the most, we’ve developed the sat nav app “Slow Down GPS”. It’s like any other voice navigation app, except for one childish feature: when driving in areas where it's more likely to be children around, the navigation voice automatically switches to a child’s voice. We think of it as a subtle “audio sign” that says “Children at play”.


In the first version of the app, GPS-locations for all schools and day-care centres in the Nordic region have been added. But through a crowdsourcing project on the If web site, people are also asked to suggest more locations where the voice should switch to a child’s voice.


My part: Campaign designer, including creating graphics for movie titles, designing app icon and all digital ads and social media posts.

The app is available for free download in App Store and Google Play.


Note: the child voice navigation feature only works in Sweden, Finland and Norway.